Glucox Biotech AB

Glucox Biotech AB is a privately owned Stockholm based Swedish research company. On the basis of a favourable patent position, extensive experience in the development of medicines for metabolic diseases, and in collaboration with academic researchers and contract research organisations Glucox Biotech develops clinically applicable therapeutics for treatment of type 2 diabetes; hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance and resulting complications such as diabetic retinopathy (DR).

Glucox Biotech also explores new ideas for the prevention of cellular damage in ischemic stroke and heart infarction.



Per Wikström, CEO, PhD and one of the founders of Glucox Biotech AB.
Per Wikström has many years of research experience in the pharmaceutical industry and smaller biotech. The first years in the carrier at the successful biotech Immunex in Seattle then at Pharmacia and Pfizer. At the start to discover and develop cytokine/cytokine receptors and then in the field of metabolic disorders and projects related to insulin resistance and diabetes. Now with a significant experience regarding small non-peptide as well as protein pharmaceuticals to be developed into drug candidates. I have as a principle to be optimistic but never hype any results – this will damage the company more than aid for success. Instead the results should speak for itself.



Board of Directors

In addition to Per Wikström, the Company Manager, the Board of Directors includes Johan Viberg as chairman of the board, and Alan Harris. Björn Sundeby is member of the board and a major investors and share holder in Glucox Biotech AB.