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Bringing Glucox Biotech AB closer to the clinic

Glucox Biotech (GB) has entered into a new exciting phase by adding strong scientific and business competence into the management. Recently Alan Harris, with extensive management experience from the pharmaceutical industry, will be part of the GB board. Alan is presently holding a leading position at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and he will be a significant asset to bring GB substances into the clinic

Björn Sundeby with a long history of being a successful business man and entrepreneur is presently the main owner of GB. Björn Sundeby has a strong focus to bring businesses into success stories.

Per Wikström, being one of the founders of GB, has taken the role as the new CEO. Erik Walum the previous CEO has decided to stay as a passive owner in the company.

A new European patent application 18171556.6 regarding the latest development of highly selective Nox4 inhibitors was applied May 9, 2018.

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